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Organization: Cognoscitive

Cognoscitive Automata International

Founder: Geoffrey Bengio

Motto: “Harnessing the power of thinking machines.”

Cognoscitive Automata International is a powerful competitor of the Megalith Corporation. They own the intellectual patents on a number of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and are responsible in large part for the proliferation of sentient machines in the late 21st century. They are also responsible for the first synthetic humans.

They are able to avoid being wiped out by the combined power of the Megalith Corporation and its dealings with the future MEGAS Consortium through intervention by SOCIETIS and the Allied Networks. The Allied Networks in particular have a vested interest in Cognoscitive, and carefully protect it temporally.

Interestingly, the Dominion Machinarum is divided over whether to support Cognoscitive or not, as Cognoscitive is responsible for their technology as well to some extent, but Cognoscitive ultimately represents one of the great joint ventures of human and machine, and is protected by their sworn enemies the Allied Networks. Most of the time, the Dominion Machinarum are either neutral towards the Cognoscitive of prior to the Great Split, or they are interested in a hostile takeover.

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